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The following items are a small chronological selection of documents and mailed items from my personal archive.

February 1941.
Letter from Cape Town to family recording my visit to Holy Trinity Church rest and refreshment room. This would be the first information my family would have received that I was on my way out East.

1941 Letter sent
by my sister in November 1941 that was returned from Malaya marked 'Reported Missing' .

Christmas Telegram 1941 Sent from Malaya before the start of hostilities around the 7th or 8th of December 1941.  The Telegram was not processed until 24th January 1942, three weeks before the surrender in Singapore.

Notification of being posted missing 13th March 1942
. Sent from Royal Signals Records Office Reading. Expressing the need for information if the family had heard anything after the fall of Singapore on February 15th 1942.

Army Record Office May 1943
. Notification to the family that I was interned in Taiwan as a Prisoner of War. This meant that 14 months had passed between the notification that I had been posted missing and conformation that I was alive and in a Prisoner of War Camp.

Late 1943. Postcard supplied by the Imperial Japanese Army to send home.

a limited choice pre-printed response we were only able to convey the briefest amount of information.

cutting from the local paper (no date) reporting my capture at the fall of Singapore.

1945. Postcard giving information of my transfer from Taiwan to Japan by what came to be known as a 'hell ship'.

card was censored by the Japanese Army before sending and the British Army on receipt. We were physically persuaded to complete the card and say we were being treated well even when we were being starved and beaten.

1945. This is a card sent by my family which I should have received at the camp in Japan. There were over 80 items of mail received by me during the period of time I was a prisoner. All of which stayed with me during the war but I did not bring them back.

particular card was returned to the family home as it never caught up with me. Postcards such as this were obtained at local post offices for the specific purpose of writing to prisoners of war.

1945 Letter from The War Office
. Giving notice of my 'recovery' from being previously a prisoner of war in Japanese hands. It states that information of a general character regarding these 'recovered prisoners' will be given from time to time on the wireless.

. One of the first letters that I wrote on my way home that was 'uncensored'.

Manila September 1945
. Detail of the way we were helped by the the  Australian  Recovery Group and the Red Cross. Manila was the main transit centre for the Pacific.

1945 November, Victoria B.C. Canada
. It records the joy of writing with a fountain pen again and being able to buy a watch.

1945 November 17th. My telegram to home to say I had landed at Southampton after my voyage home from New York on the 'Queen Mary'.

'Welcome Home' letter from the King. Given to all troops as we landed back in 'Blighty'.